The Height of Elegance

The careful and deliberate design of Foster Martin, undertaken by acclaimed IBI Group, was approached holistically to authentically capture the essence of White Rock. The sea, the mountain backdrop, and the lively community are all interpreted in the rhythm and dynamic of the people-friendly design. An organic flow is articulated from the ground to each summit, fluidly bonding form, function, and character. This is the birth of a landmark – in aesthetic and in spirit.

A sea-facing balcony is the jewel of every home at Foster Martin, with expansive views to an endless horizon.

Inspired by the organic movement of the ocean, the lively Pier, and iconic mountain views, the dynamic built-form and public realm expressions of these towers have been designed to integrate with and complement the surrounding seaside community.

Martin Brückner, Director, IBI Group

Living Well

Wellness of heart, body, mind, and soul is a motif flowing throughout Foster Martin. As such, it is intentionally a place for people. This focus is epitomized in the design of the public plaza and the health and wellness-related retail, commercial, and civic experiences, appropriately named On White Rock Commons. This is certain to become the “urban pier” where residents and citizens will routinely gather.

Life at Foster Martin includes activity and mindfulness. Serene water features and landscaped, meandering pathways set a scene for outdoor yoga or a reflective stroll.

Health and wellness practitioners, cafés, restaurants, a spa, a daycare, and other retailers will be located within the heart of the Commons to enhance your everyday.