The Stuff of Legends

The Birth of a Seaside Paradise

With its stunning beaches and blissful climate, White Rock was a paradise waiting to be discovered. In 1909, the Great Northern Railway and Canada Customs began operations in a new settlement which would lead to birth of a new community. Years later, businesses such as the Campbell River Lumber Company emerged, and the iconic White Rock pier began construction. On April 15, 1957, White Rock officially became a city.

A gleaming white, 500-ton boulder sits prominently on miles of sandy beach. So bright is the white rock that it was used by 19th-century sailors to guide them to shore. So prominent is the white rock that it is woven into the myths and legends of the local Coast Salish peoples. That legendary white rock is now a modern-day beacon that shines luminously in its unusually sunny location, attracting bustling crowds to the pier and promenade that define seaside life here.

It’s a place where annual sandcastle competitions have garnered international attention since 1979. Where the biggest traffic jams are the lineups for fish ‘n’ chips and gelato by the pier. Where an urban sensibility exists for those who want it all – and all within reach of Vancouver’s nightlife and cultural experiences.